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Speaker of the Parliament

Parliament elects among its members a Speaker and two deputy speakers during the first plenary session each year. Speakers are chosen for a year at a time. In addition to their preparing the work in plenary sessions, the speakers also play a key role in Parliament's international cooperation. International cooperation includes visits by speakers and international delegations as well as participation in numerous inter-parliamentary organisations.

The Speaker of the Parliament is Eero Heinäluoma. First deputy speaker is Pekka Ravi and second deputy speaker is Anssi Joutsenlahti.

Speaker’s Council

The Speaker heads the Speaker’s Council, which plans and approves the agenda of the plenary session and other matters closely related to the work in the plenary session. The Speaker’s Council is formed by the Speaker, the two deputy speakers and the committee chairpersons. The Speaker’s Council also gives general directions on committee work and functions as an advisory organ to the speaker on matters that he decides. The Speaker’s Council meets before each plenary session.
Guided Tours

Guided tours are available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. (not during plenary sessions). The tours require prebooking.

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